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Kids and young people in Leighton Buzzard

Here are things to do for young people in Leighton Buzzard plus a selection of great websites you might want to visit.

Everything you need to know - find out about Spiders, the body, dinosaurs and loads more in a fun way. Checkout some of the great sites below, click the images to visit.
You can even find out why snot is green....what else is there to know?

Kidzone Website
Spider Facts
Everything you want to know about spiders - facts, activities, photos
Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway
Leighton Buzzard Railway
People from all over the world visit the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway and it's right on your doorstep.

Bogeys and Snot
Why is Snot green?
If you like this then what about Boogers?? ... yes, it's what the Americans call Bogeys... so we're talking about Bogeys and Snot... how can you resist clicking this.

Science Toymaker
Science Toy Maker
Make a Robot Talk Box .... better than it sounds Find out how to make ultra efficient gliders...not so straightforward this one. Build a lie detector.
Loads of great things to make for young people and teenagers - packed with tips, examples and videos

Dinosaurs and creepy crawlies
Natural History Museum
Always loads of interesting stuff happening at the Natural history Museum
Junior Clubs in Leighton Buzzard
Junior Clubs
Clubs and activities for young people in Leighton Buzzard
Count Us In
Count Us In
Fun games to teach young kids about numbers
Molecules, atoms, nanolab...and stuff
Telus World of  Science
Telus World of Science
Follow a camera inside the body ...yuk
How can a 25Kg kid lift a 200Kg baby hippo.... easy!